The tapestry of your love story is woven by thousands of special and intimate moments. Your wedding day is part of that; it celebrates the journey you've chosen to take together and looks forward as your legacy continues as husband and wife. Your love story is captivating, and that's why we Call it Captivation.

We're passionate about sharing your captivating love story.


We believe that legacy is important. Wedding videography shouldn't only be documenting the events that happen on your wedding day. We believe that your wedding film should serve as a family heriloom to be cherished and passed down through generations. It should be captured with intention and made with purpose. Our hope is that when you invite us into your story, you feel loved, celebrated, and seen through your films.
Because that's truly captivating.

Crafted with Purpose, soul,
and story.


A handful of captivating love stories that we've been honored to share through film.


Our heart is to serve you with intention and authenticity.

The Experience

"....I tear up every time I watch our highlight because all of those little details were noticed and seen.
Call it Captivation Films truly created a timeless film that took us on cinematic journey.
We are so thankful for the beautiful art Matt and Adri created - something we cherish and will watch for years to come."

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