The bond with your creative team is something special, grounded in trust and open communication. As your dedicated wedding filmmakers, our mission is to make sure you not only feel acknowledged and understood but to authentically showcase the beauty of your love story through our films. We genuinely pour our hearts into our couples, aiming to have you sense that deep connection right from the very beginning.

What to genuinely expect when partnering with us:

The first step starts with your inquiry. Once we exchange some basic info, we'll schedule a time to chat. We want to get to know you - your story, vision, and make sure that we're the right fit for you. We encourage you to share all you can about yourselves and what is most improtant to you when thinking about how video captures your story. We'll also recap who we are, what we offer and what you can expect working with us.



Once you've secured your booking, we dive into planning your story session! Similar to an engagement shoot, the story session plays two crucial roles. First, they provide an opportunity for all of us to spend time and be authentic beyond the wedding day. Your story extends beyond the wedding itself, and so should your wedding film. Story sessions can encompass activities that resonate with you as a couple, whether it's cooking in the kitchen, chartering a boat, hiking with your dogs, or enjoying a beach picnic. Capturing your genuine selves allows us to incorporate an even more distinctive perspective of your relationship.

Second, this is our chance to spend quality time together in person. It's an opportunity for you to see us in real life, and for us to get to know you on a more personal level. When your wedding day arrives, we want you to feel like there aren't two strangers with cameras, but rather friends who are there to support and celebrate with you.



As we move towards your wedding day, we'll check in from time to time to see if there's anything we can help you with. (timeline planning, vendor referrals, etc.) We'll also schedule one last discovery call 30 days from the wedding day to go over the timeline. Throughout the day we'll be focused on capturing the authentic moments you've been working hard to create. 



Following the wedding day, we'll begin putting together the edit and will update you on along the way. Your video gallery should be available within 2-4 months following your wedding day, depending on the collection. If you added on the teaser, you'll get that within 48 hours! The gallery is hosted online for 5 years and is the perfect place to share with your family and friends.



Our Story

You believe that legacy is worth investing into.

You believe you deserve a unique and personal wedding experience.

You value intentionality and authentic moments.

You cherish your love story and believe it's important.

We're a good fit for you if...

"The videos speak magnitudes on their own of how meticulous and detailed they are on bringing that same emotion, felt on our wedding day, into film that we can replay over and over for years to come."

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