I have a heart after Jesus, and I see my work as the ministry He's called me to do. I've always wondered where he would lead me to do his work and I believe filming weddings is just that. I have a heart for people. I believe that love is the greatest gift we get to create and share with one another. When I'm not filming weddings, I'm investing my time with my beautiful wife, Adri, and our sweet son, Kailo. Another love of mine is songwriting - you might hear a song or two on Spotify if you looked hard enough!

A heart for Jesus & people.

More About Us

I stumbled into the wedding industry by a thoughtful request; re-edit my sister's wedding video into a story-driven wedding film. Saying yes to that favor was quite frankly one of the best decisions I've ever made. I created Call It Captivation Films in 2016 and in our seven years we've made longlife friendships, traveled the world, and watched as our couples have grown into families.

It all started with a simple favor.


We are passionately convinced that your wedding film should be an heirloom piece in your family. Rather than just documenting the day, we believe that your film should capture the essence of who you are. It should share the authentic and captivating journey that you've taken together. Your love story is  the bedrock of family legacy. It's a beautiful reminder of your commitment and serves as an inspiration to those around you. It's more than just a video. It's your bespoke family heirloom.



If I can impart any wisdom from my years of experience, it would be to remember your why. Think back to your first date. The mountains and valleys in your relationship. Think about your families and the inspiring stories that lie in their legacies. Now remember what you're planning - your wedding.
Despite all the planning and logistics that needs to be addressed, remember that your wedding and the details surrounding it should all serve celebrating this story. It celebrates your marriage. It celebrates those around you.
Maybe remembering your why might help you reset in the midst of the stress of planning.
It'll all be worth it. And we hope to be there to support you and cheer you on your beautiful day.

Remember your why.


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